P85 PreCast Oven Kit


If you're looking for a Wood Fired Oven that's easy to assemble, fits into a small space and heats up quickly then our PreCast Oven Kit is what you've been searching for. Our PreCast Oven Kits have the same front arch as our PreCut Brick Ovens, which you'll create using our PreCut fire bricks and PreCast Flue Gallery, for an authentic, timeless look. The internal dome is made up of stainless steel fibre-reinforced refractory sections, cast in CNC machined molds by our dedicated team. At every point we have looked for ways to minimise your effort taken to build this kit, without impacting on quality. We're very proud of the result.

The PreCast Oven Kit is designed for DIY; we've done all of the hard work for you - you get the fun of putting it together. 


The dome of the oven is made up of four PreCast sections, which lock together perfectly using custom designed ‘tongue & groove’ joints. The first section is the entry arch, made to fit the golden ’63 percent’ rule, with the height of the opening set at 63% of the internal dome height.

The PreCast sections are made from a high grade refractory castable, reinforced with stainless steel fibres for superior strength and durability, rated to over 1350°C


The dome itself is comprised of three shell pieces, made in a special elliptical shape for optimal heat distribution, with a wall thickness of 65mm. This wall thickness gives you the perfect balance of quick heat up time, with long heat retention for roasting, bread baking and slow cooking.

The Front section, which we call the Entry Arch, has deep grooves cast into the front face which your Vent Arch firebricks will be mortared into


Just like our Brick Oven Kits, the PreCast Ovens use a 50mm thick Calcium Silicate board underneath the Firebrick floor tiles to prevent the heat in the floor from escaping into the stand below.

The 'Calsil' board comes already cut to size, with a centreline marked to help you position it on your oven stand. Calsil is an incredible high temperature insulation, with a huge compressive strength to handle the weight of the oven


The floor of your PreCast Oven is made of high-duty refractory Firebrick tiles, carefully cut to size, ready for you to bed down into a layer of refractory mortar (included in the kit).

We designed the layout of the Floor Tiles to have the joints at a 45° angle - this means that when you slide your paddle into the oven to fetch a piping hot pizza, it's less likely to catch on a raised edge. The Firebrick Tiles have a 42% Alumina content; they are very dense and have a hard-wearing surface.


To pour the keystone that locks the precast sections together we give you a domed piece of fibreglass, custom made to fit the curvature of the oven.

To set this in place you'll need to use a car jack (not included in the kit). Jack the fibreglass up until it sits firm against the cast sections, then pour the keystone with the refractory castable that's provided.


To help you position the bricks for the Vent Arch, the kit comes with a pre-assembled set of CNC Machined Formwork. Made from waterproof formply, the formwork is marked with a centre line to get it positioned accurately on the oven floor.

We also mark the mortar joints on both sides of the formwork, to show you where each mortar joint needs to be. If you follow the formwork, you'll lay a neat and symmetrical firebrick arch.


The Firebrick Arch at the front of the oven forms the Vent, that directs the smoke from the oven into the flue above. The firebricks are all cut to size, numbered and ready to lay around the CNC machined formwork that we have custom made to fit each oven kit.

The bricks are shaped to 'key' into the large grooves in the Precast Entry piece, for strength. The kit also includes the refractory mortar you'll need to glue these bricks together


A key part of every one of our Wood Fired Oven Kits is the PreCast Flue Gallery, made to fit snugly around the Vent Arch brickwork. Made with a high grade refractory castable, the Flue Gallery is reinforced with stainless steel fibres for strength.

The PreCast Flue Gallery comes with a stainless steel flue sleeve installed, with high density ceramic fibre rope used to form an expansion joint between the stainless steel flue and the casting


To lock the PreCast sections together the kit includes plenty of refractory castable that you'll mix up and use to create a keystone, and seal the joints between the sections.

This is the same material we use to make the cast sections in the first place, it's rated to over 1350°C with a high compressive strength and small ceramic fibres for crack resistance.


To insulate the dome of the oven we use Ceramic Fibre Blanket, supplying enough to warp the dome with two layers of 1" blanket, for a total of 50mm of insulation.

The Ceramic Fibre Blanket is such an efficient insulator that even with an internal temperature of 600°C, the outside temperature of the dome will only reach around 50°C.


To secure the Ceramic Fibre Blanket to the dome we give you plenty of 125mm galvanised nails which you'll hammer into the side of the CalSil board, and use as fixing points for the tie wire. The tie wire is used to lash the blanket down over the dome.

The chicken wire wraps over the blanket, secured to the fixing points. This gives the render something to bind to while it's wet, and gives the cured render higher tensile strength


You may be wondering how we get the render shell to be such a smooth curve - the answer is our custom-made polystyrene float. If you try to shape the dome render using an ordinary flat trowel or float, you'll end up with an uneven surface and a lot of flat spots.

The kit includes a curved polystyrene float that has been cut to the precise radius of curvature for your oven. Using this float you'll be able to get a smooth, even finish on the dome render


Perlite is a super-lightweight expanded mineral with a very low thermal conductivity, resisting temperatures up to 1000°C. It's the perfect material for making lightweight, strong, high-build render.

The kit includes enough Perlite to create a 50mm render layer over the Ceramic Fibre Blanket, providing additional insulation to the oven and a thick shell to protect the insulation blanket.


The oven door is an important component of the kit; you can use it to seal the oven chamber completely, extinguishing the fire and holding stable temperatures for roasting and baking.

The door can also be used to regulate the airflow into the oven, controlling the rate of combustion and ensuring all of the smoke goes up the chimney. Fitted with a temperature gauge and powdercoated in satin-black, it's the perfect finishing touch.


There are so many ways to trim your Wood Fired Oven, you're only limited by your imagination. The outside surface of the dome doesn't get much over 50°C during firing, so it can be covered with just about anything you want. They can be built through walls, into structures, clad in mosaic tiles, pebbles or roll-on stucco.

Size - 850mm Internal Diameter

With an internal diameter of 85cm, our PreCast Oven punches well above its weight. The total available cooking surface area is 0.58m²; space to cook four 10" pizzas at once, or three medium roasting trays.

Cost - £2,450

The P85 PreCast Oven Kit is currently priced at £2,450 including VAT.

Heat-up Time - 1.25 Hours

The P85 PreCast Oven will take approximately 1.25 hours to reach 400°C, a relatively quick heat up time when compared to our brick ovens. This means you're more likely to use it spontaneously, as less planning is needed.

Cool-down time - 36 Hours

From a full firing as described above, the P85 will take approximately 36 hours to cool from 350°C to 70°C, with the door closed and the fire out. In the first 12 hours it will drop to 160°C (depending on ambient temp).

Space Required - 1200mm x 1250mm

The minimum space required, assuming you're building a 'straight-on' rectangular oven stand, is 1200mm wide by 1250mm deep. We recommend increasing the depth to 1400mm to fit a landing in front of the oven mouth.

Finished Oven Weight - 700kg

Once the P85 PreCast Oven Kit has been built it will weigh approximately 700kg, not including the weight of the stand it's on. The P85 can be built on a steel or heavy duty timber frame with a 19mm cement sheet top.

To help you get your oven base, or 'stand' constructed for a P85, we've put together a detailed guide to step you through the process. One benefit of the PreCast Ovens over the Brick Ovens is that they can be built on a steel frame stand, with a compressed cement sheet benchtop. This is because the P85 is relatively light and the precast sections are very strong, so the stand doesn't need to be as rigid as it does for the Brick Ovens.

We recommend that you build your stand to a height in the range of 920mm to 1120mm height from ground level. The key is to build to a height that allows you to see the food that's cooking without bending down. You'll spend a lot longer looking into the oven than you will using your oven tools, so build your stand to a height that allows you to do that.

We have put together detailed instructions showing you our suggested process for building your Wood Fired Pizza Oven Stand, and determining the best height for the stand, please see the links below.

To help in the process of building a stand for your oven we have designed several layouts, to give you some ideas and inspiration. These layouts use the Adbri Versaloc 150mm series, and show the dimensions to build to, as well as the number and type of blocks required, as well as the volume of concrete needed to pour the foundations, cores and suspended slab.

We've created a set of detailed instructions to guide you through the process of building your P85 PreCast Oven Kit. We want you to have a great time building it, so we've put a lot of effort into them to make the project as enjoyable as possible.

There are two sets of instructions; a detailed written guide and a video series to accompany it. You will need both - the written instructions give you details that can't be covered in the videos, and the videos teach you things that can't be covered in writing.

Precut Brick Oven Kit Videos

1. Introduction

In this video we take you through the basic steps of constructing our PreCast Wood Fired Oven Kit, so that you can see if our oven is the best choice for your home.


Here we take you through the process of installing the optional steel framed stand for your PreCast Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit. The stand is comprised of a heavy duty welded steel frame, with structural Hebel Panels cut to size to create the bench top.

If you've built your own frame please move forward to the next video.


With your Oven Stand built. it's time to start constructing the PreCast Oven Kit. The Sub-Floor Insulation comes cut to size, as do the firebrick tiles that make up the cooking surface of the oven. This video walks you through the process of getting the oven positioned correctly on the stand, setting out the Calcium Silicate Insulation board, and bedding down your floor tiles.


With the Floor Tiles and Sub-Floor Insulation in place, you can install the PreCast Sections that make up the dome of your oven. Please note that you will need at least two people for this step, as the PreCast Sections are quite heavy!


Our PreCast Oven Kits come with our signature firebrick arched opening, to give them that authentic, brick oven look. We provide you with CNC machined timber formwork to lay the bricks around, so that you get them in the right position


Now that we have given the Vent Arch bricks enough time to set in place we demonstrate how to install the PreCast Flue Gallery that is included in your oven kit, and take you through the process of pouring the dome keystone, and sealing the gaps between the cast sections.


To insulate the dome of the PreCast Oven Kit we provide you with enough Ceramic Fibre Blanket to put two layers (50mm thickness) over the entire oven dome. This blanket is an incredibly effective insulator, and ensures that your oven stays hot for hours on end!


In this video we take you through the process of Tiling around your Wood Fired Oven - these are some tips and tricks that will make your life a whole lot easier!


If there's one optional extra that we can recommend that you consider, it's having a landing in front of the mouth of your oven. We've even done a video detailing why it's worth doing! In this video we take you through the process of installing the optional Granite Landing for our Wood Fired Oven Kits, made from solid polished granite.


This is almost the last step in the process of building your PreCast Oven Kit, applying the render over the Ceramic Fibre Blanket layer. Here we show you how to mix the render and apply it, and show you some tricks handed down to us by professional render applicators!


In this video we show you how to remove the formwork that you used earlier to support your Vent Arch bricks, and apply a coat of paint to the flue gallery. We also discuss flues, and we would like to reiterate this: if your oven is close to your home or any structure, we recommend having the flue fitted by a plumber with the appropriate license.


Before you start firing your finished oven up, you'll need to take it through the curing process. When you finish building the oven it will be full of moisture as a result of the building process, which needs to be driven out of the oven in a slow, controlled manner.


Your P85 PreCast Oven Kit comes with a powdercoated stainless steel door, which you can use in two primary ways. The first use is as a draft door, to control airflow into the oven to feed the fire. The second use is to seal the oven chamber completely, to seal in steam and smoke for the perfect roasts, crusty loaves of bread and a whole lot more.