D105 Precut Kit

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The D105 PreCut Brick Oven is our most popular Pizza Oven Kit. With an internal diameter of 105cm, the D105 PreCut Kit is big enough to satisfy even the largest family. It easily cooks five pizzas at once, eight if you're highly skilled using a pizza peel. Of course, it's not just about pizza - fresh sourdough bread, succulent slow roasts, grilled steaks, all taste better cooked with wood. 

All of the bricks come cut and ground to size, we provide you with templates, CNC machined formwork, a trammel, fibreglass dome form and much more. Your job is to assemble the kit like a big Lego set.

A key strength of the D105 Brick Oven is the sheer amount of thermal mass in its walls and floor; when you fire it up you're heating almost 1000kg of dense refractory fire brick, which is cocooned in highly efficient refractory insulation. The result is a brick oven that takes approximately 2.5 hours to reach 400°C, and takes a staggering 72 hours to cool back down to 70°C.

If you're looking for the real thing - a true, Italian style Wood Fired Brick Oven, then this is the perfect choice.

Our DIY PreCut Brick Oven Kits have been designed to make the process of building your own brick oven as easy as possible. They come with a set of detailed written instructions to follow, as well as a series of videos to watch in which we walk you through the process of building the oven from start to finish.

You really don't need to be a skilled bricklayer to put this kit together - we have done all of the difficult work for you, leaving you with the fun part of assembling it. We've made 3D CAD models of each of our Brick Oven Kits in order to determine the size and shape of each brick, to give us the tightest possible mortar joints on the inside face of the oven.

Base Insulation

The Kit comes with high temperature Calcium Silicate (CalSil) Insulation board and templates for cutting and positioning it. CalSil stops the heat in the thermal mass of the floor of your oven from escaping into the supporting structure beneath, keeping the heat in the floor where you need it

Sub-floor Castable

To increase the thermal mass in the floor of the oven we include enough Refractory Castable and the required formwork to create a 25mm thick slab on top of the insulation board. This layer will store extra heat, and gives you a smooth, flat surface to bed your floor bricks down onto

Precut Floor Tile Bricks

The kit includes precision-cut refractory bricks to make up the floor of your oven which are 50mm thick. These bricks are made with a 38% Alumina Fireclay, with incredible surface hardness and density. You'll bed these bricks down into a layer of refractory mortar to get your floor perfectly flat and level

CNC Machined Formwork

The Brick Oven Kits come with CNC Machined formwork for the inner and outer arches. The formwork comes with the mortar joints marked to make sure the brickwork that makes up the front of your oven is laid neat and tidily

Trammel Tool

A key element of the PreCut Kit is our Trammel Tool. Bricklayers have been using this concept to build wood fired ovens for hundreds of years; we've just taken it to another level. The Trammel will lay each brick in the dome for you, all you need to do is clamp the brick into the Trammel and it will help you place it in the perfect position

Entry Arch Bricks

The Entry Arch bricks in our PreCut Kits are carefully cut to size, and the curve of the dome is hand-ground into the back edge of them so that the Entry Arch merges beautifully into the dome of the oven

Vent Arch Bricks

The Vent Arch bricks in the PreCut Kit are cut to fit perfectly across the face of the oven, and are numbered to make them easy to place. There's a separate set of CNC machined formwork for the Vent Arch to make laying these bricks a breeze

Mortar & Castable

We include plenty of Refractory Mortar so that you can assemble your brickwork, with Refractory Castable included to allow you to fill in bigger sections, such as the dome keystone

Precut Dome Bricks

This is where our PreCut Brick Oven kits shine - the refractory fire bricks for the dome of the oven are carefully cut to size so that all of the internal joints are as close to brick-on-brick as possible

Fibreglass Dome Form

To finish the brickwork at the top of the dome, you'll put in your Fibreglass Dome Formwork and raise it into place using a car jack. Each of our PreCut Brick Oven Kits comes with a hand-made fibreglass dome designed to match the exact curvature of the dome you're building. Lay the last few rows of bricks on this formwork, and pour the dome keystone using the Refractory Castable provided. Once the keystone has set, the fibreglass dome formwork can be removed through the oven mouth

Dome Keystone

When you reach the final row in the dome you have a choice; you can cut special keystones using the extra bricks provided in the kit, or you can simply pour the keystone using the high strength refractory castable provided. We recommend pouring the dome keystone, as the refractory castable is just as strong and durable as the firebrick. With the fibreglass dome in place you can pour the castable and know that it will fill the entire void, making the perfect keystone

Precast Flue Gallery

The PreCast Flue Gallery is a critical part of our kit, made from high grade refractory castable, reinforced with stainless steel fibres. It comes fitted with a stainless steel flue stub with an expansion joint around it to allow for the expansion of the flue when it heats up. The PreCut Kit comes standard with a single length of flue and a cowling; if you need to run the flue through a ceiling or up the side of a structure we recommend contacting a local plumber to supply and fit a suitable system for you

Ceramic Fibre Blanket

Ceramic Fibre Blanket is an incredibly efficient high temperature insulation material, preventing heat escaping from the oven dome. The combination of the CalSil board under the floor and the Ceramic Fibre Blanket over the dome means the thermal mass of the oven is cocooned in high temperature insulation. This is why a D105 Oven heated to 350°C can take 72 hours to cool to 70°C

Perlite Render

To cover the Ceramic Fibre Blanket, the kit comes with enough LiteFill Perlite for a 50mm thick shell of strong, lightweight render. This layer is in essence a structural basecoat, ready for finishing. Once the oven is cured and dry, you can cover this render layer with a coat of roll-on render to give it a waterproof membrane, and colour.

Finishing Your Oven

Once the perlite render layer is complete and your oven has been fully cured, you apply the white acrylic base coat on the dome to water proof the dome of the oven

Customise Your Oven

On top of the white base coat you can customize the look of your oven in many ways. You could paint your favorite colour using a Roll on Render or quality exterior house paint such as Dulux Acratex. Another option may be to cover the dome in mosaic tiles or pebbles, let imagination run wild.

Stainless Steel Oven Door

We include a Stainless Steel Oven door in the PreCut Kit, finished in a satin-black powdercoat. The door comes with a temperature gauge, and is fitted with beautiful oiled hardwood handles.

Size - 1050mm Internal Diameter

With an internal diameter of 105cm, this oven is our biggest seller. The total available cooking surface area is 0.91m², giving you more than enough space to cook eight 10" pizzas at once, or five large roasting trays.

Cost - £2,990

The D105 PreCut Brick Oven Kit is currently priced at £2,990 including VAT.

Heat-up Time - 2.5 Hours

The D105 PreCut Brick Oven will take between 2 and 2.5 hours to heat up to 400°C. This is a fair length of time, but the payoff is in the heat retention (see below). In full firing you'll need about 40kg of dry hardwood.

Cool-down time - 72 Hours

From a full firing as described above, the D105 will take approximately 72 hours to cool from 400°C to 70°C, with the door firmly shut. In the first 12 hours it will drop to around 260°C (depending on ambient conditions).

Space Required - 1500mm x 1600mm

The minimum space required, assuming you're building a 'straight-on' rectangular oven stand, is 1500mm wide by 1600mm deep. We recommend increasing the depth to 1900mm to fit a landing in front of the oven mouth.

Finished Oven Weight - 1250kg

Once the D105 PreCut Brick Oven Kit has been built it will weigh approximately 1250kg, not including the weight of the stand it is built on. The D105 should be built on a suspended slab of reinforced concrete.

To help you build a stand suitable to support our D105 PreCut Brick Oven Kit, we've put together a detailed guide to walk you through the process. Our suggestion is to build stand walls using bricks, Adbri Versaloc Interlocking concrete blocks, or Besser blocks, which are filled with concrete and reinforcing steel. A suspended slab of reinforced concrete is then formed up and poured to create the benchtop to support the oven. The stand must be built on reinforced concrete foundations - if you're building on soft ground you may need to consult a builder to ensure your foundations are adequate.

We recommend that you build your stand to a height in the range of 920mm to 1120mm height from ground level. The key is to build to a height that allows you to see the food that's cooking without bending down. You'll spend a lot longer looking into the oven than you will using your oven tools, so build your stand to a height that allows you to do that.

We have put together detailed instructions showing you our suggested process for building your Wood Fired Pizza Oven Stand, and determining the best height for the stand, please see the links below.

To help in the process of building a stand for your oven we have designed several layouts, to give you some ideas and inspiration. These layouts use the Adbri Versaloc 150mm series, and show the dimensions to build to, as well as the number and type of blocks required, as well as the volume of concrete needed to pour the foundations, cores and suspended slab.

We’ve created a set of detailed instructions to guide you through the process of building your D105 PreCut Brick Oven Kit. We want you to have a great time building it, so we've put a lot of effort into them to make the project as enjoyable as possible.

There are two sets of instructions; a detailed written guide and a video series to accompany it. You will need both - the written instructions give you details that can't be covered in the videos, and the videos teach you things that can't be covered in writing.

Precut Brick Oven Kit Videos


The first step is to cut and lay the Calcium Silicate insulation board, position it on your stand and pour the Refractory Castable Sub-Floor Heat Bank on top.


The second step is to lay the firebrick tiles that make up the floor of your brick oven. These tiles are all cut to size and are ready to lay, you'll bed them down into a layer of refractory mortar.


With the floor tiles laid it's time to start building the brick dome. This might sound difficult, but we have made it simple with our steel Trammel Tool. The Trammel pivots from the centre of the floor; all you need to do is lock each dome brick into the trammel using the clamp attached, and it will help you position each brick perfectly.


Our CNC machined formwork will help you build the brick arches that make up the Entry and Vent area of your brick oven. To complete the dome, we show you how to use the fibreglass dome formwork which you'll use to lay the last few rows of bricks, and pour your refractory keystone.


With the brick dome complete you're ready to fit the PreCast Flue Gallery. With the Flue Gallery in position you can attach theCeramic Fibre Blanket Insulation. Following this you'll put on a layer of chicken wire (metal lath) and apply the Perlite Render in layers until you've built up a 2" shell over the dome.


Before you start cooking in your Wood Fired Pizza Oven, you will need to cure it, to drive out all of the moisture left in the oven during the building process. Here we show you some simple techniques for lighting curing fires, how big to build them, and how to keep them burning for a long time.


In this video we demonstrate the two functions of your oven door; firstly to seal off the oven chamber, secondly as a 'draught door' to regulate the flow of fresh air into the oven, while directing all of the smoke up the chimney where it belongs.